Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My First Multicache Hide, 10,000 Geocaches Entry #008

I tried to go to large clusters of caches at big parks and just spend the day there racking up the finds, but I was only walking away with 4 or 5 per trip, not the dozens I had imagined at home!
This here is the Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail, which took me through meadows, woods, parks and preserves, speckled with geocaches along the way, yet I was coming up empty-handed half the time.  Great place to bike, though.  No complaints. 

    I've been looking, journal.  Summer is at an end and I didn't exactly rake them in by the hundreds.  I only just passed 207 caches.  Obviously I am still a neophyte, and so I rely a bit on luck which as you know is not that reliable, and the fact that I don't have problems bugging the cache owners for more clues via the message center on the geocaching site.  They seem to be a friendly bunch, and I look forward to one day having a list of contacts of experienced geocachers ready and willing to offer up some tips or hints, or even join me for a few finds.

   In order to make my intangible geosense grow, I decided it was time for me to place my first multicache to experience geocaching from that end of the stick.
My First Multicache Hide - Entry #008

   I wanted my cache to have a simple story to tie together several areas that were involved in this beach/woods area that has funky old bits from a water pump station (I am guessing.)

  It is called The Cell, The Box, and The Key

   I am pleased that all 9 people that have found it so far have given it a favorite point.  They really like taking their pictures in the cell, if you watched the video you know I have a hard on for the term "cellfie," and I hope that the cache lasts long enough to gather a wide variety of geocachers climbing down in to my little trapped cell.  0o0o!  Danger awaits!  That is me in the first picture, and then to random geocachers braving the funky Delaware waters.

   Alas, there are some complaints about the growing homeless camps and numbers in that area.  Hopefully everything will remain cool.

   I don't know if I gained any extra perspective or geosense when placing my game pieces here.  I certainly felt a small sense of satisfaction when it turned out to NOT be messed up and people actually found it.  I feel like I am contributing!  I have an idea for a dastardly cache, something I have not scene anywhere...something that I must keep secret until it is already in place.