Monday, January 5, 2015

Supplemental Entry: Delhaas A Wall

Can't find a cache?  Let out a primal scream.  No one will mind, honestly.

     I was scoping out this little park for placement of a multicache I have been working on.  Turns out the spot is already taken!  In the "Additional Waypoints" of the cache description there is a bunker listed  as a reference point.

     Although the cache had a mere single favorite point, I thought it would be a good area to test out a new camera, so that is what most of the footage is.  It does look nice when I render it in more detail, but I didn't do that here.  The actual geocache is towards the end of this four minute clip, and it is unremarkable.  Sometimes when the GPS doesn't settle down, you just have to spiral out from your best guess and check some obvious places.  If this were a micro, I would have been screwed.  It is certainly a fun area to muck about for a little bit and grab a selfie, and if this cache ever goes dormant or is archived I am coming back to put one in the center of the bunker on the inside.

     If you want to hear a very brief commentary on certain types of items found in caches, jump to 3:41.  Remember, supplemental entries are not going to have all the pizzazz of the main entries, and I haven't fully messed around with this new cam or any sort of rigging for it, but at least it handles motion better than my older one.

Cache Stats

Name: Delhaas a wall (and needs a CITO)
By: Coldgears
Hidden: August 11, 2011
Last Found: December 14, 2014
Difficulty: 1.5
Terrain: 2
Size: Regular
Type: Standard
Favorite Points: 1
Clue: "Move it"

Going to work on a Main Entry soon, then I hope to share my multicache here.  Happy 2015.

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