Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Man At The Top Of The Stairs

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   I was down in Philadelphia because my wife was in a race and I had two hours to plotz around the city.  The start/finish line of the race was in front of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and not far away at all were some caches that I thought would be really cool, including one at the Franklin Institute, which is a really cool place, and one that is in the Free Library in a hollowed-out book.

   The problem was that on a Sunday, those places don't open up until much later, so my only option was to piss off along the Schuylkill River and meander around the bottom of East Fairmount Park.  There is a premium multicache 1/2 mile up from the museum in what on Google Maps says is the Glendinning Rock Garden.  It sounds very zen.  It is my destination on foot.

   I was using an old body cam-style camera for the most part.  Yes, the quality of sound and video are two steps backwards,  but it was my desire to not walk around with cameras on tripods or head-mounts. It's not like I was in this super crime-laden place, I just didn't want to be the guy by himself along various stretches of treeline with all this electronic shit out and not paying 100% attention to his surroundings.

All of this is most useless, since I should have just ended this video half way in, or more specifically right after 4:09 because that man aired a certain sentiment that some of us have been thinking for a long time, and it just kind of rumbled my jimjongs.

How It Used To Be
   I did give the cache a go after that, but I made two mistakes.  The first was that I possibly didn't do my math right.  I think.  I don't know.  THe coordinates I came up with after making it to the spot the CO wanted me to and counting the things he wanted me to count put the second stage half a mile away.  I could be right, but my second mistake, looking up old pictures of how this stone garden used to look, took the rest of my steam, and I decided to just head back to the finish line.  I did pick up a simple micro cache along the way back the Schuylkill, but it isn't particularly noteworthy.

   Anyroad, I certainly need to get back down to the Fairmount Park and Center City area when it is nice and sunny, to wash this minor experience out of my brain.

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