Monday, March 30, 2015

Main Journal Entry 007

   The seventh entry integrates the new camera and premium caches with my poor searching skills, and in keeping with the spirit of geocaching I am not plastering information all over the screen in regards to location or names of caches.  After reading a few comments on videos and exchanging a few words with others, I figure I will be alright with occasional 100% pure-spoiling (perhaps if the cache name is a clever pun, or an obvious low-level entry cache, or some mechanism on the cache is of fine craftsmanship) but for the most part on-screen information will be sporadic.  The only exception will be premium caches; I will try to make sure I don't cheese off the hardcore community.

   The Comfy Video below was supposed to be part of this entry, but I decided against using footage with raindrops on the lens for the main entry and the other stuff was just ammo cans under some bits of tree.  Terrible weekend as far as geocaching goes, but I do enjoy getting out there like a wizard.

   I have completely forgotten about two things that I wanted.  The first was to have a cache count at the end of each video, or at least at the end of each Main Entry.  Forgot to do that.  I do have a little add-on on my sidebar now that displays my current progress.  Anyway, the video below is what I should have put in on the end of the Main Entry video that gets uploaded to the Geocaching Video Only channel, because why bother uploading it twice if there is not some subtle difference in them vis-à-vis some bonus footage?  That was number two?  Was I doing numbers?  I hate it when I get stuck on a number two.

   The first part is thirty or so seconds of me highlighting why most history is boring.  In the second part, I was trying to get a quick shot of me chilling and eating by the stream.  You know, filler video for narration.  I just got done my snack, and popped the last bit in my mouth and...

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