Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Video Journal & A Blog Is Too Much

Too much for this guy, anyway.  I'd like to dedicate more of my free time more towards upping my video editing skills, so for now this blog is officially stopped.  I can't see myself starting it up again while doing the video journal, but there is no sense in blasting it off the Blogger list just yet.

Have fun out there,

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My First Multicache Hide, 10,000 Geocaches Entry #008

I tried to go to large clusters of caches at big parks and just spend the day there racking up the finds, but I was only walking away with 4 or 5 per trip, not the dozens I had imagined at home!
This here is the Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail, which took me through meadows, woods, parks and preserves, speckled with geocaches along the way, yet I was coming up empty-handed half the time.  Great place to bike, though.  No complaints. 

    I've been looking, journal.  Summer is at an end and I didn't exactly rake them in by the hundreds.  I only just passed 207 caches.  Obviously I am still a neophyte, and so I rely a bit on luck which as you know is not that reliable, and the fact that I don't have problems bugging the cache owners for more clues via the message center on the geocaching site.  They seem to be a friendly bunch, and I look forward to one day having a list of contacts of experienced geocachers ready and willing to offer up some tips or hints, or even join me for a few finds.

   In order to make my intangible geosense grow, I decided it was time for me to place my first multicache to experience geocaching from that end of the stick.
My First Multicache Hide - Entry #008

   I wanted my cache to have a simple story to tie together several areas that were involved in this beach/woods area that has funky old bits from a water pump station (I am guessing.)

  It is called The Cell, The Box, and The Key

   I am pleased that all 9 people that have found it so far have given it a favorite point.  They really like taking their pictures in the cell, if you watched the video you know I have a hard on for the term "cellfie," and I hope that the cache lasts long enough to gather a wide variety of geocachers climbing down in to my little trapped cell.  0o0o!  Danger awaits!  That is me in the first picture, and then to random geocachers braving the funky Delaware waters.

   Alas, there are some complaints about the growing homeless camps and numbers in that area.  Hopefully everything will remain cool.

   I don't know if I gained any extra perspective or geosense when placing my game pieces here.  I certainly felt a small sense of satisfaction when it turned out to NOT be messed up and people actually found it.  I feel like I am contributing!  I have an idea for a dastardly cache, something I have not scene anywhere...something that I must keep secret until it is already in place.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Aborted Geocache Idea

   Ahh, those must have been the days, drifting down the canal on a barge, your fishing line dragging lazily from the back (or whatever the nautical term is) as your son cleans out the fish-gut barrel.  This fence and it's portrayal of "canal life" were going to be clues as part of a large multicache I was thinking about over the winter.  In the past few weeks I have been trying to pull it all together and I bit off more than I can chew.  Aside from the fact that there were seven stages, I had placed several on what turned out to be State Park property, which requires a form and registration fee of $25 per cache location.  Also, some of the things I hid got flooded out or muggled (found a cigarette but in a micro that I didn't tell anyone about) and overall my idea was poorly executed.

  So, instead of a huge multi, I decided to make a smaller multi and maybe a separate traditional cache and virtual one made of my aborted stages.  I'm waiting with baited breath to see if my submissions have been accepted.  I just happened to film a lot of stuff before realizing I couldn't use it for geocaching, and I'd hate to just delete the footage without sharing my ideas since I have not spent too much time LOOKING for geocaches.  So this is what will NOT be a cache.  There is no music or VO, and the cuts are harsh, but you'll get the idea I had for it.

   That was my grand idea for that tree.  Turns out that whole area is going to be smashed for 32 new homes, so that is depressing. I think some creature was also vying for that spot as a home, so they can have it for as long as it is left.

   Hopefully in the next few days you will see my first operational and accepted multicache, and then I'll get back to my quest.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Man At The Top Of The Stairs

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   I was down in Philadelphia because my wife was in a race and I had two hours to plotz around the city.  The start/finish line of the race was in front of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and not far away at all were some caches that I thought would be really cool, including one at the Franklin Institute, which is a really cool place, and one that is in the Free Library in a hollowed-out book.

   The problem was that on a Sunday, those places don't open up until much later, so my only option was to piss off along the Schuylkill River and meander around the bottom of East Fairmount Park.  There is a premium multicache 1/2 mile up from the museum in what on Google Maps says is the Glendinning Rock Garden.  It sounds very zen.  It is my destination on foot.

   I was using an old body cam-style camera for the most part.  Yes, the quality of sound and video are two steps backwards,  but it was my desire to not walk around with cameras on tripods or head-mounts. It's not like I was in this super crime-laden place, I just didn't want to be the guy by himself along various stretches of treeline with all this electronic shit out and not paying 100% attention to his surroundings.

All of this is most useless, since I should have just ended this video half way in, or more specifically right after 4:09 because that man aired a certain sentiment that some of us have been thinking for a long time, and it just kind of rumbled my jimjongs.

How It Used To Be
   I did give the cache a go after that, but I made two mistakes.  The first was that I possibly didn't do my math right.  I think.  I don't know.  THe coordinates I came up with after making it to the spot the CO wanted me to and counting the things he wanted me to count put the second stage half a mile away.  I could be right, but my second mistake, looking up old pictures of how this stone garden used to look, took the rest of my steam, and I decided to just head back to the finish line.  I did pick up a simple micro cache along the way back the Schuylkill, but it isn't particularly noteworthy.

   Anyroad, I certainly need to get back down to the Fairmount Park and Center City area when it is nice and sunny, to wash this minor experience out of my brain.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Main Journal Entry 007

   The seventh entry integrates the new camera and premium caches with my poor searching skills, and in keeping with the spirit of geocaching I am not plastering information all over the screen in regards to location or names of caches.  After reading a few comments on videos and exchanging a few words with others, I figure I will be alright with occasional 100% pure-spoiling (perhaps if the cache name is a clever pun, or an obvious low-level entry cache, or some mechanism on the cache is of fine craftsmanship) but for the most part on-screen information will be sporadic.  The only exception will be premium caches; I will try to make sure I don't cheese off the hardcore community.

   The Comfy Video below was supposed to be part of this entry, but I decided against using footage with raindrops on the lens for the main entry and the other stuff was just ammo cans under some bits of tree.  Terrible weekend as far as geocaching goes, but I do enjoy getting out there like a wizard.

   I have completely forgotten about two things that I wanted.  The first was to have a cache count at the end of each video, or at least at the end of each Main Entry.  Forgot to do that.  I do have a little add-on on my sidebar now that displays my current progress.  Anyway, the video below is what I should have put in on the end of the Main Entry video that gets uploaded to the Geocaching Video Only channel, because why bother uploading it twice if there is not some subtle difference in them vis-à-vis some bonus footage?  That was number two?  Was I doing numbers?  I hate it when I get stuck on a number two.

   The first part is thirty or so seconds of me highlighting why most history is boring.  In the second part, I was trying to get a quick shot of me chilling and eating by the stream.  You know, filler video for narration.  I just got done my snack, and popped the last bit in my mouth and...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Camden Waterfront

   I had some business in Camden, New Jersey near the campus area, which is near the waterfront area, so I popped down to see if I could snag any of the four high-favorited caches.  The one I was looking for in the image above is called SJCC: Greenbrier which has nothing to do with the Battleship New Jersey in the background:

America's most decorated Battleship is now the area's most exciting museum, open for tours, events and overnight encampments. Exploring “BB62” is experiencing history in a whole new way.

  Well, damn.  I wish I was there during open hours for the walk-in tour.  That thing is a bad-ass looking warship.  I found the cache, but I didn't have a working pen, so I took a picture of it to send to the CO as proof.  It was rated a difficulty of a 3, but the coordinates seemed pretty spot on for me.  I guess things would be different if it was the middle of the summer, with this place crammed with people.  When I was younger, the lot of us would take the river ferry from Penn's Landing in PA to this waterfront to the Tweeter Center to go to concerts.  Plus, the Adventure Aquarium is nearby, and the whole Philadelphia skyline is always nice for a good photo or two.

Nothing wrong with a quick tug.


The Ben Franklin Bridge ($5 goddamn dollars to get back!)

An unfettered shot of Philadelphia.

   I did try to record a few things, but it was WAY too windy.  Blow-over-tripod windy and pick-up-nothing-but-wind-on-the-mic windy.  So I recorded the wind.

   There was also a simple cache located behind the Adventure Aquarium, which is usually kicking it no matter what season it is,  I took a quick pic of the line before heading around to snag the cache and maybe some footage for the Main Entry, which I should really get to work on.

Any geocachers here?

   There are four caches in the area, and I certainly would like to return here when the weather is more forgiving on the electronics.  For now, I'll settle on just having the ground dry out.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter II

My artsy-fartsy shot of the lake with a layer of snow over the ice.
   I like the snow.  I really do.  I even like the ice, when I am on foot.  However, these multiple layers that the East Coast has been blasted with destroyed plans either by restricting traffic, or by parks and parking areas not being open.  Also, the recent and constant below-freezing temps play havoc with the slightest moisture trapped inside geocaches, making log-retrieval impossible without damaging the goods.

   So my quest has been brought to a stand-still for the past week and a half.  This should be the end of Winter.  Today and tomorrow should be the last two days of this arctic simulator.  March looks astonishingly ice-free and I hope to get to the Fat Man and Little Boy of Philadelphia parks:  Wissahickon Park and Pennypack Park.  I'm also hopeful that in between those I'll get to New Jersey's Pine Barrens to get the cobwebs off my body and ride the bike a tad.  Bike = more caches per hour, so I am looking forward to that.  I do like the snow and the winter landscapes, but now I want to see some green again.