Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Post

     It seems pointless to elucidate on anything right here. I don't expect to publish this blog until I get some posts in and catch up to the present, and I need to refresh my memory on how to operate the ol' blogger. This is the first post after creating the basic template.  I just needed some Lorem Ipsum to see what things look like, but I feel compelled to share something for the people that bothered coming back this far.

Near a cache over the Delaware Canal
     I thought maybe my first image could (or at least attempt a strong "should") encapsulate what I enjoy about geocaching, which is simply that it is one more reason to get me out. I don't travel enough to find interesting places or views on my own, which is a pity because there seem to be tons of them right under my nose. You'd think I'd use that to segue right in to "...and that is why I have vowed to find 10,000 geocaches!" but that ain't happening right now. I need to mess around with the look of things. If you are reading this, then enjoy this unlisted video of me straight trippin'.


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