Monday, December 8, 2014

The Old House and The Abandoned Farm

This vid is such shit that I had to lock
it and eat wild mushrooms.
       Before I had any real intention of finding ten-thousand geocaches, I was just sporadically filming some finds to get used to recording and editing.  I fucked a lot of things up as far as frame rates and resolution and whatnots.  In the course of those videos I ran in to a couple of places that I would like to officially preserve in my memory as Neato Places I Enjoyed Poking Around At.  Unfortunately, those videos are shit and the bare-bones level of recording and editing skill I am at now are the result of multiple failed attempts.

This vid is only unlisted, but I still
ate some mushrooms anyway.
       Two places that I was lead to stand out enough that I am willing to overlook the poor quality and embed here for my perusal later.  I guess I am one of those people that likes "abandoned porn" as some call it.  There aren't any geocaches in the following pictures or videos.  Just two places that I like.  The first is some old shell of a house that sits in New Jersey on the property called Rancocas Park.  I saw it mentioned in the comments of a nearby cache and give it a wander-thru.  It's almost right in the middle of the park, and if you were worried that someone hadn't spray-painted some cocks on it, fear not!  The phalli are there.  There weren't any people about, and it didn't smell like any body fluids, so I was able to pretend (internally) I was in a Life After Humans scenario, or maybe if you are a gamer I can refer to it as that "Fallout Feeling" that sometimes I find a bit serene.

My lawn has looked like this at times.
Apparently, if humanity ended, I would just sit around a lot.
Not near the house, but fans of Alfred E. Nueman
will appreciate my pose here.
     I recommend some light ambient music, and if you have the time, jump to 3:37 and let me know if you would have put any of your appendages in there.

     It took me a while, but eventually I realized I was recording at one frame rate and rendering in another.  Too bad I didn't realize that when I was on Baldpate "Mountain" recording some stuff.  This is simply more footage of lurking about in empty buildings, except it was a lovely Summer day out.

     So, now I have a nice reference point for these videos, and I am sure I will pop back to those locations to sweep up the surrounding caches.

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