Monday, December 8, 2014

Along The Delaware Canal (Part One - Photos)

     If you live near the New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ area and you like riding bikes and/or geocaching, then you need to get on down there and spend the day riding the Delaware Canal Path, an easy and level public trail that is also a maintained State park.  It can offer both a bit of solitude as you travel north and a bit of town life by the bridges.  The New Hope area, while small, can get pretty jumping with its clubs, bars and shops.  If you can time it to ride in the day and walk around the main street at night, then you are golden.  It is worth a drive of up to (and including!) 3 hours.  I have about 30 pictures to give you the feel of the area as far as riding and geocaching goes.  The caches around this way are varied enough to keep you interested, and there are enough that you will be able to make many trips out of it.

40.364567, -74.950537 - Early in the morning.
Looking at the Lambertville Station Inn
Freud would have had a field day with this imagery.
Near the "Perils of Pauline" Cache, at the New Hopy and Ivyland station.

Parts of the Canal Path go through privately maintained areas.

I suppose I could Google this...

Inside abandoned train cars are some interesting pieces.

Why you gotta Poo on their work?

     The Delaware Canal itself runs 60 miles along the Delaware river on the PA side.  On the New Jersey side it is called the Delaware and Raritan Canal Path and has several offshoots.  More on that in another entry.  The Canal is an excellent place to branch off in to various parks and bike paths to satisfy your exploratory tangents.

If you don't feel like riding or walking, just swim?

This picture and the next one are "enhanced" to match my memory.

The Canal itself is popular with rowers and kayaks.

I can see wasting the day lazily floating down the canal.

On the Jersey side the canal paths run through quaint parts of Lambertville.

Sometimes you find yourself alone with the scenery.

Ok, maybe one too many shots of the path here.

I wonder how many people have fallen off to the right.

     Ok.  I feel better just plastering those pictures here instead of trying to piece together what specifically I did along with the video I am about to put in the next post.  Now, I can come back to this page remember the journey, and not the sweat.

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