Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Along The Delaware Canal (Part Two - Geocaching)

     The Delaware Canal Path is a man-made canal dug out many years ago to have mule-drawn barges deliver coal and other goods.  I don't want to get in to a history lesson here because the video for this is a probably-too-long 44 minutes as I barrel through the scenery going from location to location.  Also, I am mostly ignorant on the history, and since I am sure I will be visiting this place often to rack up the cache finds, I can always delve in to it later.
     I would love to get in to each cache individually here, with Google Map shots showing where I was, and maybe I will in the future, but for now I want to get this blog caught up with my "current timeline" and save this mundane task for some rainy day in the future.  I will list the caches visited (found or not) on this day, however.  That is one thing I would like to have listed in my journal.  

     Yeah, 44 minutes is too long for that crap rendering, but hopefully you can look past that.  Now, a listing of the caches and links, plus some quick notes on them for my personal reference.  Bold equals a big, fat "not found":
Note 1 - I didn't know what the Space2081 cache series was at the time.
Note 2 - Perils of Pauline is one of my first "unique" caches and is really quite devious.  It is my first introduction to stretchwell, a cacher who appears to have some well-earned renown among the community as someone who sets out some good hides.
Note 3 - This note is simply to point out that I really did fart in a jar and try to contain it.  Do I think this really worked?  No.  I am pleased to say that someone found it and had a chuckle from it.
Note 4 - This one is listed as "not found," despite the video, because stretchwell took it upon himself to contact me and tell me what I found was not the actual cache.  Damnit!
Note 5 - Hopefully this cache will not be a major thorn in my side, what with the new-found fear of having weird bugs jump in my mouth in the dark and enclosed place.  I have already failed again in the Main Journal Entry #004.

Frame grab; I like that desolate feel involved.

Someone found my fart!  "Gross lol,"
I'm a chemical miscreant!

Damn you, stretchwell! I like how he takes a dig at my alternate-canine persona.
     And finally, because I have no other place to really put it, is a recording from my handle-bar cam (which is there for safety issues, not vlogging ones) in which I follow a man on a recumbent bicycle down the canal path because I found his overall locomotion fascinating.  I accidentally blasted him with mud at the end, but hey, don't ride so close to the ground?  He said that is why he had goggles on, but apparently the goggles do nothing.

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