Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Main Journal Entry #001

     The first official video journal entry (that is, made with the intent to share with more people) contains some of the coolest elements of geocaching I have seen out of all the finds, which admittedly is only 104 caches at the time of this writing.  In fact the first cache is a multiple-stage affair that someone put a bit of time and effort in to and really draws you in to the hobby.  Kicking away at the ice and snow on a hill in a nature preserve to find a weird metal box with a button and a speaker will certainly stand out in my memories for some time.

     There are still some recording snafus but all-in-all things turned out OK.  I lucked out with my $12 paper-thin tripod and managed to turn out a picture or two.  The opening shot of the frozen lake covered in snow and more ice turned out pretty good.

The caches in this video are:

    I know, only two caches, but you have to admit Broken Arrow is pretty cool, and held my attention on multiple trips.  Not that the tree one isn't without merit, but unscrewing the fins from a missile felt slightly cooler.  I'll get in to the Space2081 cache series after entry #004.

     I don't have any supplemental pictures or videos for my maiden "main journal" entry.  I feel like there is a folder hiding somewhere that has a bunch of stuff I need.  When I find it, I will bust it in here.

Broken Arrow, Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3 is around here somewhere...near one of the farms.
     I just recently read that someone visiting Stage 2 (the one near the railroad tracks close to the private homes) had the police called on them.  Nothing happened to them, but there is contention about public vs. private land, so who knows how that will turn out.  Glad I got there when I did!

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