Thursday, December 11, 2014

Main Journal Entry #002

40.292799, -74.695549
I'm rather proud of this untouched photo.
Swing, swing, swing.
     I don't know why I find this photo bad-ass, but I do.  It activates my fantasy nodes somehow.  All the other trees worship The One.  There is the view from an observation perch on a trail in a place called the Dyson Tract, which these days is a lovely bit of public park area.
     Entry #002 is comprised of video from summer, winter and fall.  The Dyson Tract outing was from the winter, and looks to be a good training ground that sits right on a crossover between two major bike paths.  I picked up several caches on the way to one that had many favorite points called "12/25" a lot of people were saying how neat and simple this hide is, with clever use of a simple and common tool.  I agree with them, and the name of the cache makes sense after finding it.
     The cache "White Square" was about the only noteworthy or outstanding cache located on Baldpate Mountain (near the Abandoned Farm)  when I was there in the summer.  I wish I could find that damn folder or drive that has these old photos.  Alas, I think they are lost.  This is also one of the driving reasons to make this blog, because Google will remember the pictures for me.  FOREVER.

     Finally, in Washington Crossing Historic Park, we have Over The Rainbow, a "field puzzle" in that you don't know what you have to do to get to the next stage until you get to the first one.  Fortunately I am familiar with Roy G. Biv, so the puzzle didn't cause me any distress.  It was a wonderful Fall day.  Halloween of last year, actually.  I found a few caches that day but for the most part I just wandered around like I had never seen colors before.  I didn't see anyone else that day, which is fine by me.  Felt like I had the whole place to myself.

And it smelled good, too!
Perhaps I should actually embed the video in the blogger entry, and not just make references to it.

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