Monday, December 15, 2014

Main Journal Entry #003

     Entry #003 is what I would like most of the Main Entries to be like.  It's a dash more playful, and it has basic map effects to help give you a sense of location.  A major chunk of the video is in Trenton, which was more photogenic than I thought.  Plus, it wasn't windy, which it always seems to be when I am out.

     Part of me wishes that I included more geocaches that I actually found, but what is the point of a journal if I omit the bad stuff? I'd also just like to point out that New Jersey does not have the official nickname of Ol' Stinky, that is just something I made up.  Affectionately, I'm sure.  Everything else in the video is legit.

Caches In This Video

Lady Victory: While this cache ended up being disabled (always update your info!) it was still an interesting place to visit.  Like I say in the video, war memorials are background noise to me here, but just because I am not reading every engraving and plaque doesn't mean I can't appreciate how things look.  Lady Victory herself is an impressive statue in front of the State House, and the running water on the walls was a nice touch.  Hmm, in looking at the listing for this cache again to get the link for this blog, I noticed that it has been reactivated.  Good!  I'll have to try to pick it off.

Sam's Place.  Ok, if you have watched the entry, you have to let me know if I am the only one that thinks the statue is kind of off-putting.  Or maybe it is just because I am suggesting it here.  No!  It's creepy, dammit!  I stand by my original feelings on the matter.  Don't get me started again on the creepy ring of children on the way to the next cache.  Anyway, I like virtual caches.  No fuss, no muss.

Trenton Marina:  Couldn't find this one after two attempts.  I feel like I really scoured that
fothermucker, too.  Interesting machinery, most likely to load steel and other heavy material on to ships.  Oh!  Looking at the listing now, I see there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that no one else has found it either, so it is probably missing, which makes me feel better about my searching skills.  The bad news is I saw this picture posted by uminski, which shows one of the reasons why you shouldn't go for these Trenton ones late at night.

Questionable stains?

Defunct Factory:  We leave the Trenton area and blast over to Bensalem, Pennsylvania to the remnants of several buildings in a little patch of woods near where the Byberry Mental Hospital used to be.  HBO's True Detective was fresh in my head when I got there, so maybe that affected my ability to find the cache.  Unfortunately, most of the "exploration" video (all 7 minutes of it) was jittery and potato-like, but I was able to put some in the entry.

Hanging At The Inn: I never would have found it if I was not exasperated.  I mean, it's not like it was showing.  I just randomly grabbed a branch that came out in when I gripped it.  You should have seen my face.  This sucker is a devious one and is ranked highly in my book.

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