Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Supplemental Entry: Pioneer Day Passageway

     Supplemental Entries are more personal than the main entries.  There are no overlays or maps or voice-overs.  Sometimes I will seek out a specific cache because of the amount of favorite points it has, or I have heard or seen something that leads me to believe it would look good in the Main Entries, and then I try and hit the surrounding caches while I am there.

     There is only one geocache in this video, at 7:00 minutes or so.  Everything before is vibe, and the stuff after is just me going on about whether I like to be alone or have company.  Vloggy stuff, really.  When I look back on this entry, I want to feel the mood I felt while I was there, which was kind of spooked because of that PERSISTENT YET SPORADIC HAMMERING SOUND DEVOID OF RHYTHM and general location and setting.  I'm not far from humanity at all, but I had traveled from the parking lot through the woods to this little tunnel, and I hadn't seen a soul.  Plus, Fall is SPOOOOKY, right?

Only about a mile from the parking (left) to the cache (right)

Long, lonely abandoned railroad tracks.  Oh wait, someone took all the tracks.

Cache Stats

Name: Pioneer Day Passageway
Hidden: April 24, 2013
Last Found: October 17, 2014
Difficulty: 3.5
Terrain: 3.5
Size: Small
Type: Standard
Favorite Points: 2
Clue: "Stoned"

     It turns out Pioneer Day is a holiday, and it is on the day the cache was released.  Meh.  The wind was blowing my tripod all over the place and I was testing out a hands-free thingie I made for my GPS, so I couldn't be too bothered by some Utah-based holiday for Mormons.

     Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, when I am at the entrance, after I say, "There are a lot of spots," I hear some quads (or All Terrain Vehicles - ATVs) and that is what I shout before I go and hide from the cool kids.

"ATV!" Run!
     I really do think they could have had more fun placing that, but to each their own.  I am happy to have been brought back to this tranquil area.

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