Monday, December 22, 2014

Main Journal Entry #005

     Why wouldn't I want to start off this entry with an image of Han Solo in a dubious position over someone's trackable coin while Chewbacca stands behind him in an attempt to dislodge something from one of Han's orifices?  It's absolutely relevant if you watch the video entry.

     I had to combine two attempts at Mercer County Park.  The first time I went in the spring, I was in the process of recording at their war memorial while finding Purple Heart, and some gnarly old veteran came in and started having an emotional moment, so I let him be, but my spirit was sapped so I went home to have a good think.  The lure of the park's 50 caches brought me back in the fall, which turned out to be a really windy day, but dry enough for me to quest for 10 caches.

A gorgeous ride on easy terrain.
     I may have a dash of Phil Filming Himself Riding A Bicycle Syndrome, because it is the only way I know how to indicate travel on video.  This entry also hammers home, and suffers from, the fact that regular caches hidden in the woods are not that interesting.  Fun to find, but shit on film unless the container or puzzle is wicked, or the location has some pizzazz.

The caches in this video are:

     I'm not bothering too much with notes here because everything was pretty standard and vanilla.  I'm not putting down the caches or anything, but maybe I am rushing myself here to get caught up on my timeline so I can publish the blog.  There isn't too much to add when you have already filmed yourself finding a box in the woods.

     I can't stress enough how delightful it was to ride the twisty-but-level trails in this park, and I hope that comes through in the video.  As far as geocaching goes, you can't beat the amount of caches you can find in one day in this one area.

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