Saturday, December 20, 2014

SPACE 2081: A Geocaching Odyssey

     In the first main journal entry, I mentioned that the cache SPACE2081 [4.5/2.5] Broken Arrow was part of a larger series, and that I would explain later.  Now, it is later.

     The SPACE 2081 series is apparently run by several or more people in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area.  In fact SPACE stands for "Southeastern Pennsylvania Association of Caching Enthusiasts," and they have placed 81 space-related (fact or fiction) caches around the way, one for every Difficulty and Terrain Rating combination available from the main geocaching site.  They generally write the combination in the cache title, as seen above.  Take a look at my sidebar and you will see the "star charts."

     Each cache has a code in it, and when all 81 of these codes are in hand, then they can be used to find out the location of the 82nd and final cache.  So far, I have found 4, and I totally forget what the codes were in two of them.  There are no shortcuts here; you need to have the logs signed and you need to have all the clues to get to the final.

     It has just occurred to me that two things have occurred to me.  The first is that they have not released all 81 caches yet.  This endeavor of theirs appears to have only started in the past year or so, but they seem good on keeping things well-maintained, and the caches and hides themselves are creative and somewhat more thoughtful than other caches around the area.  The second thing I realized is that the last one I found, called SPACE2081 [3.5/5.0] GeoForce Be With You, actually had you stretching out in an iconic pose.  I could see if you were shorter how you might wish you could do a Force Pull here, but I did not have that problem.

     So, as far as getting some nice and creative caches on camera for the journal, SPACE caches seem the way to go.  I'm going to try my best to not include the actual codes required in the video, because Screw You!  While there are obviously location spoilers in this journal, you are still going to have to go out there and get the codes yourself!

I realize I already screwed this up with the Broken Arrow one in the first entry by not blurring out the code, but what can you do?

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