Friday, February 13, 2015

Supplemental Entry: Premium Cache Bravo

   It turns out that the person who made Premium Cache Alpha has made several puzzle caches all in separate wooded areas, and like the first one this one was not difficult to find.  I even managed a puzzle built for two, but got hung up on some little box that may or may not summon something from Clive Barker's imagination.  This cache is a Difficulty 4.

   In the middle of my preparations, a man (who I will refer to as The Chanter) came walking through and although I had moved away from the cache itself, it still seemed like it stood out right over my shoulder while we were talking.  The dude seemed normal enough.  We talked about drones and owls.  He sang more.  Really set a mood as the sun set.

   Part of me wants to just...borrow the puzzle piece for a night or two.  I mean, I won't.  I highly doubt it.  It doesn't appear to be found that often, most likely because you need to have a spare gallon or two of water with you, not to mention another set of hands, or in this case my neighbor.

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