Monday, February 9, 2015


   Hey Journal.  I haven't been on any lengthy sojourns recently, but I have been popping off here and there to bolster my numbers. I have several personal obstacles to overcome, two of which are wanderlust and lack of focus.  I can plan out a route and try to get many caches in a short time, but I get distracted by pretty colors and doodads.

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   I also have it in my head to "close out" the Washington Crossing Park area.  Something in my brain wants all the smileys filled in there.  Perhaps it is just some basic OCD-esq desire to have the map look uniform, or maybe this happens to all geocachers at some point.  Anyway, I'm having trouble with two caches in particular, but when I find them, you'll know.

   I enjoy the snow.  Like a lot of people, I particularly enjoy how a small layer of snow can make any landscape instantly more inviting, but it does make searching for ground-based caches more difficult.  Not complaining, just explaining.  Personally, I think it adds an extra element of fun.  I just don't record myself cursing the gods when I don't find something.

   The first part is the flagpole cache, which I thought was a pretty cool, but the second stage was anti-climactic and placed in (what I think) is a poor area due to the high frequency of homeless people smoking crack there.  I still need to work on the Hat Cam.

   The second part highlights what I was saying about the snow.  Things look cool, but if there is any GPS bounce you are going to be spending a lot of time digging in Scooby Doo mode.

   The third part is just me trying to justify why I threw out a cache.  Did I do the right thing?  I'm 90% sure I did.  I looked around for a good bit before finding cache contents but no cache, and then I looked around some more for the container.  I read some entries online and determined it had been this way for awhile, so I took what debris that was left and threw it out.  I did right, yes Journal?

My search pattern for the cache with no container.  And some caching music, I guess.

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